There and back again.

I used to work as a manager and a consultant in the tech world. After two visits to the hospital because of too much stress, it was obvious something needed to change. I started learning more about how stress works in the body, when it’s good and bad, and how it relates to productivity.

Nowadays I use what I learned to help others live sustainably productive and fulfilling lives.


"Honor those who seek the truth,
beware those who've found it."

Honesty over sales

I never pretend to be a guru. Or that something like mindfulness will solve all of your problems. I'm just a nerd that is curious about these subjects.

Impact over ideas

It's easy to stand on a stage and spurt out ideas. It's harder to make measurable change. But measuring impact makes the work way more truthful and rewarding.

Exploration over tradition

I constantly search for new research on productivity, leadership, psychology, stress and organization. An open mind leads to better results. And more fun.